Imagine a World Full of Flavour and Packed With Goodness

This is our envisioned future. We are working every day to make this world a reality. It’s a world where doing what’s right doesn’t mean sacrificing enjoyment. A world where flavor and natural goodness go hand in hand. A world of beverages without borders — with no limits on taste, geography or imagination.

Everyone at Bai is committed to bringing this world to life. We are in the throes of a “bevolution” and we want to bring everyone along on our journey, because we know this is a world in which we all want to live.

Bai’s core values guide us in our quest. We are unwavering challengers — audaciously declaring that we’re not satisfied with conventional wisdom and status quo. We are impassioned explorers — relentlessly searching to unearth the best that nature has to offer. We are uninhibited dreamers — obsessively creating new realities that others could never see.

And with every sip you take, we all are one step closer to our envisioned future.

5 Calories, No Artificial Sweetners & Tastes Amazing

You just can’t top our original Bai drinks. Each exotic flavour is antioxidant-infused, contains coffee fruit, our not-so-secret superfruit, and has 5 calories per serving, 1 gram of sugar and sweetened from natural sources. They’re pretty much a party in your mouth.

Meet Our Superfruit - The Coffee Fruit 

You’re probably pretty familiar with the coffee bean. It’s dark, aromatic, and might provide you with a lift-off each morning and flavor throughout the day. But do you know where that bean comes from? Do you want to? Then read on, friend!

The coffee bean is actually the center of the coffeefruit. And while we at Bai love a good cup of joe, we’re pretty pumped about repurposing the outside of the fruit, too. See, the coffeefruit’s red pulp has free-radical fighting antioxidants. Antioxidants help maintain your body’s natural protections against potentially damaging process such as oxidation. In other words, antioxidants are like your body’s bodyguard.

So as you can probably imagine, we love the coffeefruit. We are constantly innovating processes to convert this once discarded coffee byproduct into an even better super ingredient. In fact, we think of it as our super-secret superfruit.

Maybe by now you’re like, “okay, but where has this superfruit been hiding?” Well, we like our coffeefruit like we like our Spring Break—exotic. So we get ours from Indonesia, land of lush green fields and bright, tropical skies.

5 Calories & Smart Sweetening

In stores, on the street and on social media, a common question is heard when people sample Bai: “How can a drink that tastes this sweet only have five calories?”

The answer lies in a proprietary “smart sweetening blend” — a combination of stevia leaf extract (steviol glycosides) extracted from natural stevia leaves, and erythritol as a flavour enhancer.

Welcome To Bai™

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