Amrock Corporation source the leading brands and products in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry in the food and beverage sector, directly importing from our suppliers from the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world to distribute to our retail and corporate partners and our household consumers in Gibraltar.

Our mission statement is to provide new, flavoursome, innovative products; each one at an embodiment of our motto:

Order Today - Dispatched Today - Delivered Today!

Our Story

Working in Investment Banking for seven years in cities including New York, Los Angeles and London; it was clear that Gibraltar lacked many fantastic brands and products in the food and beverage sector that were staples in grocery and convenience stores abroad.

It was during our CEO's frequent visits home to the Rock that he missed consuming these products and I didn't want the Gibraltar population to miss out either and so Amrock Corporation was born!

Order Today - Dispatched Today - Delivered Today!

Amrock Corporation don't just believe in partnering with leading suppliers from abroad; we believe in providing an extraordinary service for our clients by delivering your orders to your retail store, office or household within hours and without the added cost so that consumers enjoy their products as soon as possible. It's part of our service driven philosophy whilst we grow our partners from around the world one at a time.

“Serve clients exceptionally; show them and let them know that they are important and remember every morning that they could be somebody else’s best client and treat them impeccably as a result”

- Pavan Aidasani, Founder & CEO of Amrock Corporation

Our Partners

Accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Gibraltar American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) is a business organization that was established in 2014 to develop business relationships and trade between Gibraltar and U.S. companies.

Representing a wide range of Gibraltar's industries from finance and maritime to law and insurance, AmCham members are respected business leaders who represent the best of Gibraltar's potential. AmCham is committed to promoting Gibraltar as an incredible place to do business and building lasting relationships with U.S. companies.